The Lens of 11 exhibit on display at Library Gallery

July 22, 2021

The Charles Harris Library Gallery is a community art gallery located in the Wise Library.

The Lens of 11: A display of images from eleven photographers. Now on exhibit until September 11.

This talented group reflects diverse styles, all offering unique views of the world around them. The images reveal choices that were made in a second, and the final decisions as to how to print and reveal.

The 11 includes some of our most experienced photographers, men and women who have documented our region for decades. The show also includes the work of some who have left our area, sharing their impressions of the world they have encountered outside Appalachia.

This show is about interpretations, the translations of talent to image. It is also about the storytellers that these photographers have become. Each of the 11 tells the viewer a story. Each is a gift to us. 

The 11 are also of one spirit, the spirit of community. They have shared their talents many times with this area, and through their generosity the region has benefitted. For example, their work is part of the many donations on display in the historic Inn at Wise.  

As long as there are those that will keep them for us, our stories will never be lost. 

Celebrate the 11 

 Reception July 31 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Wise Library. The reception will be held outside.

Parking is easy at the Wise Courthouse and Inn at Wise. MEOC will shuttle you to the Library.

There will be snacks and refreshments provided by local businesses. 

There will be a music jam session and the 11 will offer additional pieces for sale.

The 11 includes:

Morris K Burchette

Roddy Addington

Bonnie Aker

Chuck Clisso

Tim C Cox

Stan Crabtree

Julie Williams Dixon

Bill Harris

Jennifer Fletcher Meade

Jason Wamsley

Addison Williams