A story of Christmas spirit and giving from the heart

December 10, 2020
Dr. Mark Raymond and Devin Cradic with 102-year-old Mildred Adams. Dr. Mark Raymond and Devin Cradic with 102-year-old Mildred Adams.


Submitted by Jerrie Adams

My mother, Mildred Adams, is a former resident of Appalachia and will be 102 years old on January 12. 

She has lived through two pandemics.  Her mother was pregnant with her in 1918 when she had the Spanish Flu. 

My mother, who is a resident of The Laurels, survived COVID-19 in November, thanks to the good care she gets at The Laurels and through Hospice. Her private caregiver, Melissa Emershaw, told me last week that Mother had a very loose tooth and she was concerned that she would choke on it in her sleep. She was in pain and her tooth affected her ability to sleep, eat, and drink. Due to her health issues and current COVID-19 restrictions, she was unable to be transported to her dentist but they suggested that I contact the Health Wagon. The extraordinary staff at the Health Wagon worked all weekend to locate a dentist who would not only take a new patient but take a 102-year-old with health issues who could not be transported.  

Dr. Mark Raymond of Coeburn along with the Health Wagon’s dental assistant, Devin Cradic, came to The Laurels at 6:00 p.m. on Monday evening to pull her tooth and end my Mother’s pain. She did great! I can’t thank Dr. Raymond, DMD, Devin Cradic, dental assistant, and the staff at The Health Wagon (Megan and Donna, along with others) enough for going to such extraordinary lengths to make the quality of life better for my wonderful 102-year-old mother! 

That is what the Christmas spirit of giving from the heart is all about.