Various wild mushrooms and tame ones are found in this area

August 20, 2020

Usually when we talk about mushrooms here in the mountains, the subject always comes up about the morels in the spring.  However, there are various other wild mushrooms and tame ones which are well suited to this area. 

Long Ridge resident Wayne Riner writes, ‘The shiitakes are the mushrooms I like to grow and eat. They are sold in most grocery stores and are very expensive. The shiitakes can be used in many recipes and are similar in taste to portobello mushrooms.’

Pictured are photos Wayne took of the shiitake mushrooms he grows every year. He uses white oak trees and cuts the logs for the mushrooms during the winter months. The logs measure about 48 inches long and 6-inches in diameter. The main consideration is the ease of handling by the grower. Small shallow holes are drilled into the logs, and mushroom spawn is added. After the spawn is added, wax is placed over the holes. The logs are stacked to allow the spawn to colonize, and in about a year, mushrooms will begin to grow as seen in the picture. These particular logs have been producing for about three years. 

Spawn and information on growing mushrooms is readily available on various internet sites.