Chickens get their feathers ruffled



Veda Stapleton, the gal who had the little chicken named Pearl several years ago, has now gone back into the chicken business. She has some good fresh eggs from time to time. Now this past week she noticed a lot of feathers scattered around the hen house and she feared that some dog or other creature had been trying to catch her chickens. She cautiously looked around and there stood her tiny little rooster with missing feathers. He apparently escaped with his life and a few feathers still left. He was waiting outside the hen house door and was glad to enter in when Vada opened the door.

His name is Speck because his feathers are speckled.


Burns Gilliam received a friendly phone call from Billy and Kathy Bolling last week. They were wonderful neighbors to Burns and others here in Hurricane. They attended the Hurricane Baptist Church regularly. Kathy and Billy moved to Sevierville, TN to be near their son and his wife and two young grandchildren. Billy recently had surgery on one of his toes and had to have the nail removed. Kathy is still dealing with an illness that she had while she was here in Hurricane, but it has much improved since she moved closer ot her physician there in Tennessee. Burns says that he really misses the Bollings and so do the rest of their neighbors.


It’s refreshing to see the daffodils, crocus, pear trees and other Spring flowers blooming. I have also noticed the owls and crows looking for mates and making nests.

I saw some small bird actually making a nest in one of the old nests around my house.

I love birds and flowes, especially those that return each year with no effort or help from me.