Sonlighters group meet, celebrate Christmas



The Sonlighters met last Tuesday at Zion Church fellowship hall for their Christmas dinner. Plenty of good food including ham, turkey, meatloaf, lots of sides as they say now and several very good desserts.

The speaker and music provider was Ron Haegar who has been a former pastor in the area. He and his wife, Jane were there and the people just love for that couple to come every couple of months. Ron sang and played the piano. He sang lots of Christmas songs along with the folks. He is a fantastic musician and has a marvelous voice. They live up near Bland County so it is a bit of a challenge for the two of them to come and bless the folks with their talents. Wayne Haegar, the son of Ron and Jane is the present pastor at Zion. He is also a very talented musician and the folks there also love Wayne and his wife and family. It’s a nice place to be with brother and sisters in Christ who love the special events each month.

You are welcome to come on the second Tuesday each month. Bring a covered dish and worship with the folk at Zion.


Walter Crouse and I attended the annual open house Christmas party at the Chancellors home at UVA Wise. The event took place between 4 and 7 on Friday evening. We went around four because we had a couple other events to attend.

This time it was unusual for me that there were several people that I did not know. I realized later that we usually attend later so as we were leaving I saw move folks that I usually see at the college events. It was a nice evening with lots of various pick-up foods to enjoy. Actually, Mr. Allen Henry the husband of the Chancellor Donna Henry severed some special country ham he had ordered from Spain some of the ham was also a Virginia ham that also came from Spain which also tasted a lot like the Spanish ham. I like the ham because it was not nearly as salty as some of the country ham I purchased locally. We enjoyed our rather brief visit and were on our way to a couple other events.


Wise County Christian School had a Christmas event at Glamorgan Chapel Church, which is now just across the highway from Lowes. Almost all the youngsters participated in the Christmas event. My two granddaughters were two of the young people who participated. They had a performer from the choir/band that they have at the school. They were several other items on the agenda that evening. There was a good attendance. Thanks to the Glamorgan Chapel Church for the use of their facilities.


Hurricane Baptist Church had their Christmas Cantata. They had a good performance. Afterwards, the church had a Christmas festivity in their fellowship hall with many things, cheese dips, meatballs, sandwiches and you name it was probably on the table. And of course lots of sweets. Many folks stayed awhile and conversed with their friends and neighbors.

Sunday evening there were several events around the town and rural area for the Christmas Cantata and other events for many to attend in one short evening. It’s all good. It gives people many choices to attend a Christmas event.


I attended the supervisors mostly meeting this past week. This was more than a packed house. Not only was the supervisors room full, the hall was full and two other rooms were basically full of people who attended. Men, women and children ranging in ages from little children to elderly.

The folks were there to ask the supervisors and encourage them to vote for our county to become a Sanctuary County for our gun rights. In other words for our second amendment rights. This passed unanimously and the folks were delighted. There was no out of order behavior. It was a calm and peaceful meeting. Unlike some of the mob meetings we seen around the county in other places. Ben Franklin once said “A mob is a people with many heads, but no brains.” This group did not fit in that category.