Church members busy with holiday activities



Nyla Skeen celebrated a birthday this past week. Her birthday was on Sunday but she celebrated her birthday at Wise Co. Christian School with her little class of girls and boys in the lunchroom. Nyla got treat bags with a variety of items in the bags. She also had a birthday cake and ice cream and punch for all her friends. We appreciate the teacher Mrs. Meade and the school for accommodating her wish to have the party with her class at the school. Nyla loves her teacher and her friends and she really enjoys going to school out on Airport road on that pretty plateau.


Gig and Jerry Collier enjoyed having several family members home for Thanksgiving Day with husbands and grandchildren. They come from all around the country Georgia, Tennessee and Utah. Its a mix of boys and girls and they stay busy at the Collier home just as one starts to go toward Redwine. For awhile Jerry and Gig had ponies, horses, chickens, rabbits and a little dog. They have scaled down to only two ponies. I miss the creatures when I go to visit. Jerry said that they kept the creatures for the grands but as they are growing up they have gotten rid of them. They still have great fun with the kids and their children.


Hurricane Baptist Church has been busy decorating the Church for Christmas. They are making preparations for caroling at Heritage Hall this week then on December 13 the ladies are having a cookie and ornament exchange on December 13. Each person is to bring about two dozen cookies to exchange with others. All women are invited to come exchange share and has fun together. On Saturday, December 14 there will be a youth party for all the youth. The party will start at 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. All kids are invited. Come bring some good food and have fun. By the way, the Christmas tree down on Hurricane Road coming out of Wise on 640 North East. It usually is lit right after Thanksgiving. It’s fun to look forward to the tree being lighted through the holidays. Thanks to those who made it possible for the community.