Wise Co PSA Req for Engineering Services

September 17, 2020



The Wise County Public Service Authority (PSA) invites Statements of Qualification from qualified firms for general engineering services required to support a variety of infrastructure and public works projects. The PSA proposes to award an annual contract (one year with an option for up to four (4) additional years) to at least two (2) engineering firms for indefinite quantity civil engineering services. Services are anticipated to include, but not be limited to, general consulting, planning, local/state/federal funding application assistance, project design, inspection, representation with regulatory agencies, and construction administration. For projects successful in obtaining funding, the PSA reserves the right, if it so deems, to enter into negotiations with the selected engineer for design, inspection, and other related services for said projects as part of the retainer services procured herein.

Statements of Qualification will be evaluated based on the following information:

1.Experience and qualifications of individuals available for assignment to the Project.

2.Location of offeror’s principal office and proximity to the PSA office.

3.Relevant experience in providing similar services.

4.Past work for the PSA and nearby municipalities.

Prospective submitters are requested to provide the following information at a minimum:

1. Organizational structure and management for the project.
2. Experience of your firm with similar projects, and any partners and/or subcontractors for the project.

3. Names, address, and telephone number of three client references from projects of comparable size and complexity.

4. Description of the experience of the key staff involved including experience with projects of comparable technical nature and complexity that might arise in such annual services contracts.

5. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of person(s) within the firm who may be contacted for further information.

Any questions regarding this invitation must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director at least seven (7) days prior to the proposal due date. Inquiries may be submitted via mail to the address below or via e-mail at cmcelroy@wisecountypsa.org.
Statement of Qualifications are due in the office of the PSA no later than 2:00 PM on Friday, October 16, 2020 and are to be sent to the attention of:

Cody A. McElroy, P.E.,

Executive Director

Wise County PSA

5622 Industrial Park Rd,

Norton, VA 24273

Two (2) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy in pdf format of the SOQ are required to be submitted.

The PSA reserves the right to issue written addenda to any inquires that alter the scope of the invitation. The PSA will not assume responsibility for oral instructions or interpretations. The PSA reserves the right to reject any or all requests or proposals at any time. The PSA may request additional information for clarification and/or amendment at any time.9-18-3t