December 09, 2019




In compliance with Section 4 VAC 25-130-816.64 of the Virginia Coal Surface Mining Regulations, notice is hereby given that the undersigned, having been issued the following Virginia coal surface mining permit numbers, will be conducting blasting on the areas covered by these permits. The permit numbers and locations are as follow:

Permit Number 1100024 - located off Route 620.

Permit Numbers 1100033, 1100044, 1100084, 1100439, 1100514, 1100605, 1700624, 1600632, 1500711, 1100717, 1100735 and 1301219 - located off Route 620 at Dixiana.

Permit Numbers 1100520, 1102046 and 1100787 - located off Route 627 in Phillips Creek.

Permit Number 1600876 - located off Route 627 in Phillips Creek and off Route 603 near the headwaters of Roaring Fork.

Permit Number 1101272 - located off Route 707 near Flat Gap.

Permit Number 1101401 - located off Route 620 on North side of Fox Gap.

Permit Number 1601576 - located off Rt. 23/58 Alt., near Blackwood, Josephine, Laurel Grove, and White Oak Gap.

Permit Number 1101661 - located off Route 620 near headwaters of Powell River and including the Buckeye Branch extension.

Permit Number 1101760 - located off Route 620 on Rogers Ridge and Amos Ridge.

Permit Number 1201803 - located off Route 610 near Needmore.

All permits are located in Wise County, Virginia.

This blasting will comply with applicable state and federal laws, and will be conducted in accordance with the following schedule of dates and times, as approved by the regulatory authority:


January 1, 2020 thru

December 31, 2020 TIMES

Monday thru Saturday

Sunrise - Sunset

At least 10 minutes prior to each blasting activity, access to the blasting area will be controlled by positioning personnel at all access areas so as to prevent unauthorized entry. An audible warning of impending blasting will be indicated by 3 long blasts (clear area), 2 long blasts (2 min. before) and 1 long blast (shoot), and an audible all clear signal will be indicated by 3 short blasts from an air horn after shot.

Also, as approved by the regulatory authority, blasting will not be conducted at times materially different from those shown above, except in emergency situations when rain, lightning, other atmospheric conditions, or operator or public safety requires unscheduled detonation.

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Company, Inc.

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