PUBLIC NOTICE OF SURFACE MINE BLASTING SCHEDULE J.W. Construction Company, Inc. Permit No. 1102281,

November 04, 2019




In compliance with 4 VAC 25-130-816.64 of the Virginia Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Regulations, notice is hereby given that J.W. Construction Company, Inc. Permit No. 1102281, will be conducting blasting on the area covered by the permit. The permit is located in Wise County, on the Pound and Wise USGS quadrangles at coordinates North 3,551,696.0000, East 10,298,686.0000, 3 miles North of Wise on Turkey Branch of Dotson Creek, Cranes Nest River. Blasting will be in accordance with all applicable State and Federal laws and will commence according to the following schedule of dates and times, as approved by the regulatory authority:




Monday through Saturday TIMES

8 AM - Sunset

Access to the blasting area will be controlled to prevent unauthorized entry at least ten (10) minutes prior to any blasting event. A warning signal, indicated by three (3) long blasts on an air horn, will be sounded to clear the area. Then another warning signal indicated by two (2) long blasts on an air horn, a two minute delay, then one (1) long horn blast prior to blasting will be sounded. Following detonation, an all-clear signal consisting of three (3) short blasts of the air horn will be sounded. The warning and all-clear signals will be audible within a range of one-half mile from the point of the blast in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws. Further, when blasting within 1000' of an occupied dwelling, the warning signals will be explained to the residents, and the residents will be offered the opportunity to go inside their home or to vacate the home prior to blasting. If residents remain in the home, they will be advised to remain in a safe location within the home and not view the blast from a window or door.

Blasting will not be conducted at times other than those announced except in emergency situations where rain, lightning, atmospheric conditions, or operator or public safety requires unscheduled detonation as approved by the regulatory authority.

Anyone owning a dwelling or structure located within one-half mile of the permit boundary desiring to have a pre-blast survey conducted may notify the Division of Mined Land Reclamation, P.O. Drawer 900, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219, ph. (276) 523 8190. The request must be made in writing, should include the Application and/or Permit Number, and should include the telephone number of the individual making the request.



P.O. BOX 2470