With our teeth falling out; hair thinning; arthritis forming in the joints; and failing eyesight; there are brighter sides to consider when you’re “over the hill.”

No more nights reserved for PTA.

No more free time lost to take the kids to band practice.

Or cheerleading practice.

No first-day, madhouse races to get the kids to school the first day.

No shopping for school shoes and clothes.

No school books.

Or lunch boxes.

No conferences with teachers.

No conferences with the kids.

No shelling out for school lunches.

And money for football and basketball games.

No uneasiness around the sixth week when report cards are due.

No groundings because what you said and what the kids heard were two different things.

No worrying about scraping up enough money to buy that musical instrument for the band.

Or the dry cleaning bills for the cheerleading clothes.

And for you sports moms in the same boat, no washing out those filthy uniforms to get ready for the big game.

You think I’d go through all that again?

Lord, yes!

In a heartbeat!