APPALACHIA — A new restaurant could be coming to Appalachia soon.

That prospect was one topic of a special town planning commission meeting Tuesday that was requested by Town Manager Fred Luntsford.

Derick Lee and Jodi Spriggs are the owners of DeeJ’s, in the Ramsey section of Norton. They believe that Appalachia would be a better place for their business than its current location.

The new location will be on Callahan Avenue in Dr. Michael Ford’s former office building, which is owned by the town.

Before the meeting, Luntsford stated that he thought the plans should be approved by the planning commission due to the substantial remodeling that will need to be done in the building.

DeeJ’s opened in Ramsey in April of 2019. “We wanted to have something fun for the children, somewhere for them to be able to go, but more of an adult crowd started coming in,” said Spriggs.

Spriggs explained that the Appalachia location will be mutually beneficial for their business and the town. The town-owned building provides almost double the space offered at their current location. It also has adequate parking, something that DeeJ’s doesn’t have in Ramsey.

The location will offer a space for live music, a game room and a cigar room and a bar. While the restaurant is not a pool hall, DeeJ’s does and will continue to have pool tournaments that, according to Lee and Spriggs, draw a large crowd.

The town will lease the location to the couple for $1 for the first year. In exchange, Lee, a licensed contractor, will do the necessary renovations at no cost to the town. Lee will be fixing some structural issues, wiring, flooring and adding an exhaust to the kitchen area.

“After the business is established, we will negotiate an amount that is fair to both the town and the business,” said Luntsford of the lease.

The planning commission voted unanimously to approve the business and recommend that the town council give approval as well.

Town council voted unanimously in favor of the restaurant during a phone poll Wednesday afternoon.