In local primary voting Saturday, Republicans chose new candidate Rhonda L. Sluss to run for the Dickenson County Board of Supervisors in the Clintwood District over the incumbent and picked Josh Evans to face off against the Democratic incumbent in the Willis District.

Those interested in being on the November ballot still have until June 11 at 7 p.m. to file candidate forms with the Dickenson County Registrar's Office.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Republican Party chair had not certified the candidates with the local registrar or the Virginia Department of Elections.

According to County Registrar Reba Childress and Deputy Kayla Deel, the chair has until June 17 to do so.

Unofficially, however, incumbent Clintwood District Dickenson County Supervisor David Perry has conceded the GOP nomination contest to Sluss. Party chair Gary W. Hall has bowed to Evans in the nomination for the Willis District.

As of Tuesday, one county supervisor — Shelbie Willis in the Kenady District — and two constitutional officers — Commissioner of Revenue Mike Yates and Treasurer Angela Rakes — face no opposition.

No one has stepped up to run for Dickenson County School Board in the Kenady District, a seat now held by Susan Mullins, the current chair.

In Clinchco, where there will be a special election, one person has filed to run.

Here's the candidates rundown so far in Dickenson County:



Commissioner of Revenue

• Michael Lee Yates, 163 Dixie Road, Clintwood, Republican.


• Angela D. “Angie” Rakes 166 Nascar Dr. Clintwood, Independent.

Commonwealth Attorney

• C. Seth Baker, P.O. Box 580, Clintwood, Democrat.

• Joshua H. Newberry, 613 College View Addition, Clintwood, Republican.


• Jeremy D. Fleming, 1424 Brush Creek Road, Clintwood, Democrat.

• Gregory “Scott” Stanley, P.O. Box 833, Clintwood, Republican.



District 1/ Clintwood

• Donnie W. Rife, P.O Box 1094, Clintwood, Democrat.

• Rhonda L. Sluss, 1026 Bise Ridge Road, Clintwood, Republican.

• Jack B. O’Quinn, P.O. Box 1961, Clintwood, Independent. * (Has filed only one form.)

District 2/ Ervinton

• David C. Yates, 306 Travis Stanley Road, Haysi, Democrat.

• Peggy L. Kiser, 740 Dyers Chapel Road. Clinchco, Republican.

District 3/ Kenady

• Shelbie J. Willis, 8570 DC Caney Ridge Road, Coeburn, Republican.

District 4/ Sandlick

• Ronald E. Peters, 383 Maple Drive, Clinchco, Republican.

• Rufus “Charles” Hay, 381 Haygar Mountain Loop, Haysi, Democrat. *(Has not filed any papers with the county registrar's office)

District 5/ Willis

• Jason B. Compton, 1000 The Flats Drive, Clintwood, Democrat. *(Has not filed any papers with the county registrar's office)

• Joshua R. Evans, 355 Phipps Circle, Clintwood, Republican.


(All candidates run independent)

District 1/ Clintwood

• Lurton B. Lyle, P.O. 557, Clintwood.

• Jettie G.D. Mullins, P.O. Box 742, Clintwood.

District 2/ Ervinton

• Katharine (Kathy) Harrison, 1188 Road Branch, Clinchco.

• David M. Ratliff, 1349 Priest Fork, Bee.

• Damon A. Rasnick, 4241 Long Ridge, Nora.

District 3/ Kenady

No one has filed papers for this office.

District 4/ Sandlick

• Hayes O’Quin, P.O. 22, Haysi.

• Jamie C. Hackney, 451 Centennial Heights Road, Haysi. * (Still working on signatures)

• David A. Owens, 1216 Viers Ridge, Birchleaf.

District 5/ Willis

• Rickey A. Mullins, 337 Undertaker Blvd., Clintwood

• Glenda J. O’Quinn, 929 Tivis Ridge, Haysi.

Soil and Water Conservation Director

(All candidates run Independent)

• Travis C. Mullins, 7312 Long Ridge, Nora.

• Johnnie C. Stanley, P.O. Box 1496, Clintwood.

Town of Clinchco/ Special Council Member

(All candidates run Independent)

• Ruby F. Coleman, P.O. Box 306, Clinchco.