HAYSI — The annual Dickenson County fair took place last week under a new organizational structure but tradition continued with such returning events such as the horse show, exhibits, pageantry and plenty of good music.

Among the high points was the Dickenson County Fair Horse Show, which marked one of the biggest ever with more than 94 horse trailers arriving on site for the big event and the competition running into wee hours of the morning.

There were lows, too, as can happen with all event planning.

The company that had committed to bringing games and activities for children proved to be a no-show.

When the committees reached out to the organization, the number had been disconnected.

“That was very disappointing, and hurt our plans for the kids,” said Rita Surratt, who was among those appointed by Dickenson County supervisors to a new fair committee that worked in tandem with the standing fair committee.

Whitney Davis returned to manage the pageant traditions. Nikole Counts was crowned Miss Dickenson County Fair and McKenna Castle was crowned Teen Miss Dickenson County Fair.

Surratt deemed the first year with the two committees at the helm a success. The two committees have bright hopes for the future, she said, as they aim for a five-day event next year, and to have rides and different vendors available.

Surratt says they welcome ideas from the county community and encourage that input.

“We want this to be a community effort, so everyone will enjoy attending,” she said.

Earlier this year, the Dickenson County Board of Supervisors appointed a group of individuals to act as a second fair committee, to work simultaneously with the already existing committee.

“The primary reason for the committee appointed by the (board of supervisors) was to try to make the fair bigger and better, bring new ideas and to designate this year’s funding by the (supervisors) in a way that we felt was best for the fair,” Surratt said.

She said the two teams worked well together and supported all events held at The Dickenson County Fair.

To contact the supervisors’ fair committee with ideas, thoughts or input, call 276-926-6074 or email chambertourism18@gmail.com.