WISE — County supervisors said no to a zoning action that would allow a tanning salon just outside of Wise.

Meeting May 9, supervisors voted in support of the county planning commission’s recommendation against the proposal.

David Fannon, of Coeburn, had requested conditional rezoning of 9730 Coeburn Mountain Road.

Fannon told supervisors he bought the property thinking it was part of the former Thacker Truck Parts facilities. He was using half the property for an apartment and had briefly established a tanning business there until he learned that he needed a conditional zoning change.

In March, the planning commission reported that a non-conforming business had been on the property before the 1991 adoption of the county zoning ordinance, but the business moved “and appeared closed many years ago.”

Fannon told supervisors that after the commission raised concerns about traffic, he consulted the Virginia Department of Transportation. He’s had no traffic issues, he said.

But several nearby residents opposed conditional zoning, saying the property’s entrance is in a dangerous curve.

Oscar Raile said one friend of his was involved in a fatal wreck there, and another was hurt in a different wreck.

Anna Marie Santana said she lives across the road and has seen several accidents and close calls.

Another resident said several wrecks have ended with a vehicle in his front yard. The tanning salon was open for about two weeks, he said, and he witnessed several times when people backed their vehicles onto the highway, causing danger.

Bill Skeen said there are sight distance problems in the area, even as traffic volume grows.

Fannon claimed no one using the salon had backed into the road. He advocated for having VDOT put warning signs nearby.