WISE — The county school board Tuesday approved a personnel list with some notable actions.

The division is hiring 18 new employees for the 2019-20 school year while a dozen are resigning, all but one effective June 30.

Nine employees are transferring in the 2019-20 school year, including Coeburn Primary School Principal Marsha Christian, at her request. Christian is taking an open position as counselor at Union Middle School.

CPS Lead Teacher Carmon Arquette was hired as the new principal to replace Christian.

Union High School Principal Dan Roop was transferred to principal at the Alternative Education Center, replacing Fay Garrison, who retired. Mike Goforth was hired to replace Roop.

Other personnel actions approved that night include the following:


(2019-20 School Year)

• Kevin M. Reed, maintenance department, replacing Ronald Garrette.

• Kari M. Jenkins, CMS teacher, replacing Alicia Jones.

• Kristi F. Longworth, CMS SPED, replacing Pamela Atwood.

• Rebecca L. Bush, UPS nurse, replacing Melissa Gollaway.

• Brittany M. Lester, LFA SPED, replacing Joshua Kestner.

• Ashley R. Crabtree, LFA teacher, replacing Jennifer Van Dyke.

• Diana L. Mullins, LFA/Alt. Ed., replacing James Blackburn/Kevin Reed.

• Meike S. Williams, WPS teacher, replacing Sarah Flanary.

• Audrey C. Grigsby, CHS Science teacher, replacing T. J. McAmis.

• Mark K. Dockery, CHS P.E. teacher, replacing Justin Boggs/J. W. Salyers.

• Kaitlyn M. Smith, SPES PreK teacher, due to numbers.

• Magdalene Mason, CTC FACS teacher, replacing Deborah Stallard.

• Sarah L. Mullins, CMS clerical aide, replacing Landall Yates.

• Tiffany N. Puckett, LFA SPED, replacing Joshua Jessee.

• Chad E. Hood, Alt. Ed./RLA teacher, replacing Ashley Chandler.

• Raqueal N. Thompson, SPES teacher, replacing Stephanie Gross.

• Amanda G. Asbury, to be determined.

• Michael Goforth, UHS principal, replacing Dan Roop.


(2019-20 School Year)

• Jessica Honaker, UHS 11 month to UHS 12 month.

• Christopher Mullins, CHS 11 month to CHS 12 month.

• Sarah Flanary, WPS teacher to CPS counselor, replacing Jodi Woods.

• Jodi Woods, CPS/SPES counselor to SPES/EHS counselor open position.

• Madeline Stallard, UHS biology to CHS biology, replacing Justin Boggs.

• Marsha Christian (employee request) CPS Principal to UMS counselor open position

• Dan Roop, UHS principal to Alt. Ed. principal, replacing Fay Garrison.

• Carmon Arquette, CPS lead teacher, replacing CPS Principal Marsha Christian.

• Marcus Sartin, CMS SPED Alt. Ed. to SPED open position.


• Alicia Jones, CMS teacher, effective June 30.

• Pamela Atwood, CMS SPED, effective June 30.

• Landall Yates, CMS clerical aide, effective June 30.

• Christopher Luce-Edwards, WPS ISR, effective June 30.

• Joshua Kestner, LFA SPED, effective June 30.

• Joshua Jessee, LFA SPED, effective June 3.

• Breanna Moles, UHS Spanish, effective June 30.

• Justin Boggs, CHS teacher, effective June 30.

• Ashley Chandler, Alt. Ed. Teacher, effective July 24.

• Caitlin Mahoney, speech pathologist, effective June 30.

• Deborah Goodman, speech pathologist, effective June 30.

• Stephanie Gross, SPES teacher, effective June 30.


• Elizabeth Christanna Kelley, from EHS librarian, June 30.


• Chad Freeman, from UHS – assistant girls’ volleyball, basketball and boys’ soccer coach.