Tonight, Norton City Council will consider scheduling a public hearing on an ordinance that would ban gas-powered watercraft at the city reservoir.

Council also will take a second look at a proposed ordinance on the operation of Highland Cemetery.


In mid-July, City Manager Fred Ramey told council that he has received questions about a posted policy that bans gasoline motors on the city reservoir. However, he explained, the city code does not address that question.

The proposed ordinance to be reviewed tonight would make it unlawful “for any person present at the reservoir to possess a gasoline powered engine or watercraft or to possess any liquid petroleum-based products, except in the designated parking area and access roads within the reservoir.”

However, this would not apply to emergency services personnel or “other governmental authorities” including the state Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.


In July, Ramey explained to council that Highland Cemetery, opened in 1895, was transferred to the city in 1955. However, when citizens ask city administration questions about various cemetery matters, there is no code section to go by.

Ramey said the city attorney suggested adopting an ordinance that authorizes the city to regulate the cemetery.

The proposed ordinance states that the city may maintain and operate the cemetery; the city manager may “establish or authorize the establishment of rules and regulations” on matters including descriptions of burial spaces and services, burial of indigent persons, cremation procedures and others; and city council may establish fees for cemetery lots, burial spaces and services connected with interments.


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