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Nicholas Logan Plaster

A Coeburn man faces a July 10 preliminary hearing on charges associated with the death of his infant child.

Nicholas Logan Plaster, 21, was arraigned Monday morning in Wise County juvenile and domestic relations court.

He was arrested last week.

On June 4, a seven-week-old infant was brought to Mountain View Regional Hospital in Norton in an unresponsive state. The infant was pronounced deceased and sent to the medical examiner’s office in Roanoke for an autopsy.

According to a criminal complaint, the medical examiner found that the baby “died from head trauma consistent with shaken baby death.”

Also found were two broken ribs that were “in the healing process.”

During an interview with Plaster, the complaint states, he admitted to police that he had dropped the baby “numerous times while he got up to feed her throughout the night.”

Plaster told police “she was lifeless and her eyes had rolled around in her head” and that he took her to bed. Plaster said that when he awoke several hours later, according to the complaint, “she was still lifeless and he knew something was bad. He held her so the mother wouldn’t know something was wrong.”

Plaster told investigators he pretended to feed the baby while the mother left to get more baby formula. While she was gone, Plaster attempted CPR, but the baby didn’t respond. When the mother returned, he met her at the door and said they needed to take the baby to the doctor.

On the way to the hospital, they ran out of gas, but someone gave them a ride the rest of the way.

The medical examiner determined the injuries could not have been caused by a fall.

Wise County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by Virginia State Police and the county Department of Social Services, investigated the child’s death. This resulted in felony murder and child abuse warrants against Plaster.